Biometric Screening

As part of the Healthy Saint Paul Well-being Program, biometric screenings will be offered onsite at City locations throughout January, 2018. Participation will earn you 100 points towards the Well-being Program.

This year, we have partnered with RedBrick Health to bring you biometric screenings (Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Glucose) to determine your risk of cardiovascular disease, among other health risks.

There are two key changes to the new program:

  • Due to having a new health insurance company, only testing done at your doctor’s office from 1/1/18 forward will count. So take advantage of the free onsite screening if you saw your doctor after March 1 of this year, as those results will not transfer over.
  • You are still not required to fast. However the new provider will test for triglycerides and LDL levels in addition to basic cholesterol testing. Those who choose to fast will get more accurate results.

Below is the schedule showing the screening locations, dates and times.





City Hall Room 40A&B
15 W. Kellogg Blvd
8 am – 4 pm
8 am – 4 pm
8 am – 4 pm
Public Works 2nd Floor Conference Rm
891 North Dale St
7 am – 3 pm
7 am – 3 pm
Police Community Room
367 Grove St.
7 am – 4 am
7 am – 4 am
6 am – 3 pm
Fire Training Room
645 Randolph Ave.
1/8 8 am – 3 pm
Parks Oxford Comm. Ctr.
270 N. Lexington Pkwy.
7 am – 3 pm
7 am – 3 pm
Water Lunch Room
1900 Rice St.
7 am – 3 pm
7 am – 3 pm

Appointments open November 13, 2017

  1. Click this link to make your appointment:
    IMPORTANT! Please sign up for your appointment using your full name (i.e. William, not Bill) to be sure your results get sent to your Medica My Health Rewards portal.
  2. Select a time slot from the options available.
  3. Select if you would like your appointment to be added to your Microsoft Outlook and then click Confirm Appointment. Your appointment is now booked.


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