Healthy Activities

Starting January 14, 2019 log on to and click on the Health & Wellness tab to begin these Health Activities.

  • COMPASS™ Online health assessment (100 points max) MHR Compass How-to flier
  • BIOMETRIC SCREENING (100 points max): Participate in a worksite health screening or visit your doctor and have him/her submit the completed Health Screening Form located on your My Health Rewards Site. There are other options available to you to receive a health screening. Click on the Biometrics Screening tab to the left to find out more.
  • PHONE COACHING (75 points max): Complete three phone calls with health coach. Begin by logging on to My Health Rewards site.
  • NEXT STEP CONSULT™ (25 points max): Complete a 15 minute phone call with a trained health educator who will review the results of your health assessment and biometric screening. MHR Next Steps How-to for detailed directions.
    JOURNEYS™ (50 Points per Journey up to 300 points/year): Visit your My Health Rewards site and choose a topic designed to improve your health with easy, achievable steps. Expect a Journey to last 4-6 weeks.
  • MHR Journey’s How-to for detailed directions.

  • TRACK™ (1 point per day/200 points per year max): Choose a topic such as exercise, eating healthy or life balance. Track what you do each day. You can manually enter your activities into Track on your My Health Rewards site or sync activities from mobile apps such as Runkeeper and personal devices such as Fitbit and Garmin. MHR Track How-to: for detailed Track directions. For detailed instructions: MHR Sync How-to
  • CARE SUPPORT™ (200 points max): Medica may invite certain employees to participate in their Care Support program. The program is not available to everyone. If you are invited, you will find these health actions listed on your My Health Rewards site.
  • New! VIRTUAL CARE (25 Points): Review the Virtual Care options on to learn more about convenient and cost-effective online treatment of common health conditions. Pledge that you understand the options available and earn 25 points.
  • New! MONJ (25 points for accessing the program plus 1 point/day up to 200 points max): You will be empowered daily to make life delicious by improving the way you eat, cook, and connect.

Health Activities not on your My Health Rewards site

Omada (75 points max): Complete 9 Omada lessons to earn 75 points. Only employees new to the Omada program are eligible to earn points for participating.

Visit for more information about the Omada program and to take the quick survey to see if you qualify.