Well-Being Program – Start here

Welcome to Healthy Saint Paul

We’re excited to bring you the 2018 Healthy Saint Paul Well-being Program now supported through Medica. By choosing from a variety of Health Activities, you can earn points towards the Healthy Saint Paul Well-being Program incentive AND My Health Rewards by Medica gift cards!

Well-being Program Highlights
Starting January 1, 2018, earn 200 points and receive a $300 HRA contribution. Earn an additional 100 points and receive a $600 contribution for a total of $900 into your Wealthcare account.

How to earn points

COMPASS™ Online health assessment 100 15-20 minutes
Biometric Screening 100 15-20 minutes
Phone health coaching 100 Three phone calls
Omada Program 100 Varies 9+ weeks
NEXT STEP CONSULT™ 25 15 minutes
JOURNEYS™ 50/each 4-6 weeks
TRACK™ 1/day Up to 200 days
CARE SUPPORT™ 200 Varies

You can select any combination of the Health Activities above to earn your points.

Short on time?

Complete the online health assessment, biometric screening and phone coaching to earn 300 points and the full $900 well-being program incentive.

The deadline to complete the program is September 30, 2018.