Alex Crist

Alex Crist has worked for the City since 2011, when he started out as a temporary employee. In 2013, he received a full time position as an office assistant in the Sewer Maintenance Division of Public Works.

Before Alex began working with the City, he had been active and had kept his weight below 200 lbs. At some point, things changed though. He said he just got out of the habit of running and eating healthy. His biometric screening in 2015 was a real eye opener for him as he was confronted with his weight having increased to the 268 lb. range. He didn’t feel good about himself; he was unhappy and knew he had to make some changes.

Alex began by getting back into a regular exercise routine. He started working out at a gym again, jogging and lifting weights. By the end of one year, he was down 30 lbs. He had a goal though of getting back under 200 lbs. With the improvement in his fitness level, he was able to amp up his exercise routine. He increased the distances he would run and purchased a rowing machine and free weights for at home. He focused on portion sizes and eating more fruits and vegetables.

A year later, Alex is now down to 195 lbs. He started taking advantage of his lunch break to get in a quick jaunt around Como Lake and now really looks forward to that time. While he was committed to eating more fruits and vegetables, it was somewhat difficult for him. Working with the health coach last year provided him with the support he needed. It is no longer a struggle for him to include carrots, apples, cauliflower, etc. as part of his daily eating plan. (Alex does admit that sometimes a White Castle sounds good to him. He doesn’t believe in denying himself some simple pleasures but certainly in moderation.) His energy level is way up and he continues to push himself. He now has a goal of running a ½ marathon – and maybe even the Twin Cities Marathon next fall. He feels that now, at age 45, he is in better condition than he was at 17.

Living healthier is a family affair. His wife gets up early most days to get to the gym before work. She is also very conscious of her eating and has been an inspiration for Alex. He feels he and his wife are good role models for their children. Alex also stays busy coaching his 10 year old son’s baseball team.

Alex was successful for a couple of reasons. He began with a reasonable expectation and went about making changes gradually. He had tried dieting before which didn’t work. It was truly the lifestyle changes he made and keeping positive that allowed him to achieve these results.