Andrea Flohr

This employee’s story is proof that the older you get, the more fit and healthy you CAN become!
Andrea Flohr has worked for the City of Saint Paul since 1990 and currently works at the Water Department in the warehouse as a Storekeeper.
About seven years ago, Andrea went on a mission to reduce her blood pressure and weight. She began a walking program. Shortly thereafter, when turning 50 years old, an older co-worker challenged her to begin riding her bike to work. At first, she just thought of all the reasons she couldn’t: busy streets, hills, too far, etc. However, she decided to accept the challenge and has been riding every day since, as long as there is not ice and snow. Her ride is about eight miles each way though she will often take a longer route on the ride home to get in more miles.
This has changed her life. She describes feeling more toned and just overall more healthy. In addition to riding to work, Andrea goes to LA Fitness three to four times a week and participates in the Yoga classes offered at the Water Department. At 56, she says she feels more flexible now than at age 26! In addition, each year she participates in organized biking events including the Saint Paul Classic and the Iron Man bike ride.
The challenge is what continues to motivate Andrea. For anyone doubting what they can do, she recommends just starting with baby steps; seven years ago, she began with just walking and today is more fit and healthy that ever.