Bridget Hajny

Administrative Manager Saint Paul Fire Department

What drives your passion for wellbeing?

I stay active because when I stay active, I feel better. Of course, I have less inflammation, aches and pains, but I stay active for not only my physical health but my mental health too.

To Run, Or Not To Run:
Many assume I love running since I’ve run a handful of marathons and I lead the Saint Paul run club, We Run Saint Paul . But I don’t always love running, it depends on the day. I’ve found I have a much better experience if I keep a positive attitude. All it (usually) takes is for me to tell myself that “I get to go running”, or “it’s a beautiful day for a run” before I venture out. This helps tremendously! I look forward to runs more when I’ve made plans to run with a friend.

We Run Saint Paul meets Wednesdays at noon, it’s a great group of runners that are very supportive Not all of my training runs were great, learning what works well for me helped a lot more than running, I enjoy lifting weights. I’ve found a lifting class that I take with another fun group of people. Even if I’m not excited about the workout for the day, I’m always happy to see my friends, by the end of the workout I’m always glad I went.


I was happy to champion the Healthy Saint Paul team for Twin Cities Marathon weekend. It was  fun to get the notification emails that other City employees had signed for the 5K, 10K, or marathon. Healthy Saint Paul decided to sponsor the team again for 2023, watch for additional information!

My favorite parts of training were having my kids ask me how far I ran each day and them being amazed, as well as coming home from my run to my partner and our dog. I can’t thank my family enough for their support during my summer training! The kids have started getting into running , trying a 5K each year. This year was their first in person race, they were so excited to cross the finish line!

Thank you for sharing, Bridget!