Councilmember Chris Tolbert

Chris Tolbert represents Ward 3, which includes Highland Park and Macalester-Groveland. First elected to office in 2011, Chris brought the Right Track youth program to Saint Paul in 2015.
Chris is a big advocate for the Saint Paul Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, which exists to eliminate domestic violence against women and their children, as well as the social and systems responses that condone or allow its oppression.

Chris and County Attorney John Choi started the Northland Cup Hockey Program, a charity hockey game, to raise money for the project 5 years ago.
Both Chris and John love to play hockey, so it seemed the perfect charity venue. The two competing teams are made up of City and County employees. The Mayor plays on the City team. There is a waiting list of employees hoping to be added to the team in the future.

The program raises charity funds from Saint Paul’s private businesses including Xcel Energy, Bremer Bank, and others including small businesses. The first year they raised about $10,000. This year they raised nearly $30,000. As a bonus, the City won! Chris says “This is a great way to have fun, be active AND do something good for others.”
Chris has always been an active guy. In addition to hockey he loves swimming, yoga and lifting. Chris says, “I love working out. That’s my release; my mental health. I work out every day, and would twice a day if I had time.”

His message to employees who have gotten away from being active over the years is “Find that activity you loved as a kid, when you were just a worry-free kid. Rediscovering something you loved to do is like getting to be a kid again.”

Learn more about the Saint Paul Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention Project here: