EMPLOYEE STORY: Tell us about yourself or a co-worker!

We are looking for stories of City of Saint Paul employees to feature in our monthly newsletter and on this website. Do you know of an employee (or are you an employee) who:
– has adopted a healthy lifestyle;
– reached a fitness or health goal;
– trained and competed in an athletic event;
– or whose journey would inspire others to NOT GIVE UP?
We’d love to hear from you (click here to read past employee stories). Contact us at Featured employees will receive a Healthy Saint Paul hooded sweatshirt.
Read below a story we ran last year about an employee whose biometric screening results revealed a health issue he was able to get under control before it became a serious problem.


Last year, like so many other employees, I was participating in the Healthy Saint Paul Well-Being program so I could earn the incentive. I signed up for the onsite screening. My results came back and showed I had higher than normal cholesterol levels and off the chart blood glucose level.
I made an appointment with my doctor figuring he would yell at me about my diet, give me a pill to assist with the high cholesterol and get me on the right path.
Well, I was right about having him yell at me and giving me a pill – he put me on cholesterol medications. What I didn’t expect to hear and what shocked me was that I was diagnosed with diabetes. That was a real wake up call for me. I now needed to get serious with my diet – eating the good carbs vs the bad carbs, watching the sugars, making better choices with a real eating plan. Additionally, I began to inject insulin and also take diabetes meds.
The good news is I lost about 25 lbs. I’m running and working out every day. I know that is important to stay with it, too.
I’m still having my bad days with the low carb/low sugar diet but I’m plugging along. I owe a great deal to the screening process because it forced me to deal with my numbers and also got me on the right meds. It also got me hooked into leading a healthy lifestyle.