Goals and habits go hand-in-hand. GOAL SETTING is a tool to think about your ideal future, choose where you want to go in life, and help clarify your purpose. HABITS are the daily activities and discipline to achieve those goals. When it comes to your health goals, habits are the key to success!

Goal Setting

When you are clear about what you want, it becomes much more attainable. By setting clearly defined goals, you can measure your progress and take pride in your accomplish-ments along the way. If you don’t know where to start, start small. What do you want to get done tomorrow, in the next month, or in the next year? Once you become more comfort-able and confident, you can adjust your goals to fit a larger scale. Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way!

Habit Stacking

After your alarm goes off, drink 8 ounces of water.

Waiting for your coffee to brew, meditate or deep breathe.

Brushing your teeth, balance on one leg or do squats.

After taking your shoes off when you return from work, put on your workout clothes

After dinner, spend 15 minutes tidying up the house and prepping for the next day (make a healthy lunch, set out clothes, review your schedule).

Getting into bed, say or write down something for which you are grateful.

Starting your car, turn on a self-help audiobook or podcast.

When you get a text message, stand up and do a stretch or two.

Habit Stacking If you want to adopt a new healthy habit, experts say to tie it to an existing habit. For most people, our morning routine is our strongest habit and an easy time to stack on a new healthy habit. However, there are other routines and cues throughout your day that you can attach a new habit to.

First, identify habits you do daily, then pick one to add a new habit to. Keep it small. Begin with one simple habit. Once you are successful with the new habit (30 days or more), stack on another new habit.