Employee Stories

Share Your Wellbeing Journey

We are looking for City of Saint Paul employees who value wellbeing. There are multiple aspects of wellbeing: Physical, Social, Emotional, Financial, Career; think of the following when you share your journey.

You don’t have to have completed an athletic event or major weight goal (but if you did, we’d love to hear about it):

  • Did you volunteer and improve your community wellbeing?
  • Do you host a regular game night or dinner with friends and family?
  • How do you maintain your mental health through stressful times?
  • Have you successfully paid off debt or saved for an important purchase?
  • What do you do to amplify your career wellbeing?
Kara was recently hired as the Health and Wellness Coordinator for the St. Paul Fire Department. Kara’s experience in athletics,
Team Saint Paul, I continue to be inspired by all of you every day and I’m thrilled for what lies
Coni Cassity has worked for the City for 22 years. She started in Libraries, then went to Parks & Rec.
Heather has worked for the City for 13 years, starting at age 19. She is currently an Office Assistant III
Hoa Young has worked for the City for over 25 years, starting out as an aide in the Mayor’s office.
Each year, Saint Paul police officers undergo fitness testing. This testing provides valuable information to the officers regarding their ability
This month, we are featuring employees who run Saint Paul – at least that is what their t-shirts say! These
Rachel Handren began working for the Parks and Rec Center daycare program about six years ago. As a child, Rachel’s
Our June Spotlight article is all about the benefits of yoga. Over the years, the City and Healthy Saint Paul
In 2001, Gerald Carter accepted a job with the St. Paul Police Department and moved here from Evansville, Indiana to

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