Jesse Farrell

Jesse Farrell has been a city employee for six years working as a Civil Engineer/Project Manager for Public Works. He is 37 years old, is married with three young children. Between work, family and the numerous demands on his time, he, like so many other working adults, found it hard to allocate time for exercise. He had cancelled his gym membership shortly after his first child was born and hasn’t been back since. He knew all the reasons why exercising regularly is important – improves energy, helps maintain weight, and is good for your health. This was reinforced after the Healthy Saint Paul Well-being Program’s biometric screening. He was disappointed to learn that his cholesterol had started to climb. His waist measurement had increased year over year and was now higher than ever. Still, regularly allocating time for just himself didn’t seem possible.

Things changed when a co-worker discovered that there were showers in the City Hall Annex on the 12th and 6th floors. These little known shower “facilities” are really just converted closets – but they work just fine. All of a sudden, lunch time became work-out time. Since April 1, Jesse has logged nearly 100 runs over his lunch period. He uses the free Nike Running app to track his runs which gives him a sense of accomplishment.

After running about five times per week since April, Jesse finds that he has more energy and is sleeping much better at night. Getting good rest keeps him on his A game at work. Another change happened – since running replaced going out to lunch, he now brings a healthy lunch and snacks on fresh veggies. When he started running, he weighed 222 lbs. He is now down to 207 with an eventual goal of 189 lbs. He looks forward to eventually needing to buy some new clothes,

While the availability to shower at work eliminated an excuse not to run, even a walking program not requiring showers would be of benefit to employees in his same circumstances. He made running over his lunch break a habit by doing it every day – rain or shine. He now looks forward to his lunch time more than ever, and is planning to run Grandma’s Marathon next summer.

He always keeps in mind the single, most important reason for him to stay healthy -and that is to have the energy he needs to stay active with his children.

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