Kathleen Conger

Our featured employee this month is Kathleen Conger. Kathleen currently works as manager of the Dayton’s Bluff library. A fifteen-year City employee, Kathleen is also a founding member of the Healthy Saint Paul Well-Being Committee.
You can find Kathleen on her bicycle riding to work most days from April-October. Her philosophy is: “If it isn’t raining, I ride.” She enjoys not only the exercise but the time it provides her to wind down on the way home. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid traffic jams and saves money on gas; not to mention that it helps in reducing cars on the road.
Kathleen’s recent trip to Europe was a reflection of her active lifestyle. It began with a Groupon she found for a seven day river cruise that followed the Danube River from Passau, Germany to Budapest. When she saw that the cruise offered a bicycling option, that appealed to her as a great low key option, so she booked the cruise.
As it turned out, the reality was that people took this cruise to bike – there’s not much else to do on the boat. The average age of the passengers was 65 – and out of the 91 passengers, about 85 took advantage of the bicycling option. There was a wide range of biking abilities, like Michael from Germany who looked like an Olympian and liked to say, “Water, what’s that? I only drink beer;” and Tara, a 65+ year old bodybuilder from Brooklyn who was the navigator and always chose the long route.
Bicycling routes were mapped out with points of interest marked. For five of the seven days on the cruise, Kathleen bicycled through towns in Germany, Austria, and Slovakia.
Kathleen was in Europe for two additional weeks visiting Nuremberg, Fussen and Munich. She also had an opportunity to spend a day hiking in the Swiss Alps. Her impression overall was that European cities are very walkable, have great public transportation – and lots of people playing accordions!