In 2011 and 2012, I struggled with low back pain and weight gain. I visited with chiropractors, physical therapists and eventually Physicians Neck and Back Clinic (PNBC). PNBC helped me alleviate the pain as I strengthened my core muscles over a 13-week program. I committed to PNBC and to myself to maintain my core strength. After PNBC, I needed to continue with my conditioning and I didn’t trust myself with home workouts, so I worked with a trainer at Fitness 19. After 6 months there, I felt I needed something more so I joined The Body Project.
I committed to doing The Body Project boot camp (interval training) three times per week at a set time. The workouts were tough but gave me increased energy. I liked the way I was feeling and actually looked forward to working out. I prioritized my workouts and scheduled them in my calendar to ensure I left work on time. After two months, I did not lose any weight but I supposedly gained muscle.
In January 2013, I participated in and won The Body Project’s 21-day weight loss challenge. I followed the whole food/organic/lean meat diet fairly closely for 21 days then transitioned to eating healthy. I believe in eating healthy 80-90% of the time and “cheating” the rest of the time. I still eat ice cream, chocolate and chips – but only in moderation. I eat very few breads and processed foods and do not drink pop. Taking bread out of my diet was difficult initially and now makes me a bit ill if I eat too much. I soon found a good replacement for bread with veggies like sweet potatoes and almonds because they give me a full feeling like I had with bread. Since January, I have lost over 40 pounds and I feel great. Plus, my overall cholesterol has been reduced by 30. I am proud of my accomplishment and want to continue on this path.