Lori Holden

Lori Holden has been a Payroll Specialist with the City of Saint Paul for three years. This is a particularly busy job as you may guess with the Payroll changes that have taken place this past year. Lori’s job is computer focused, making it hard for her to get away from her desk. All of this sitting combined with not always being able to eat a very healthy diet translated into unwanted weight gain, plus not feeling as healthy. In addition, Lori has 13 year old twin daughters whose schedules keep her quite busy outside of work.
It wasn’t always like this for Lori. Owning her own business prior to coming to the City afforded her a very flexible schedule. It was much easier to be active. She performed regular weight training, ran races, and did other cardio work-outs.
Last year, Lori decided to make some changes. She joined Weight Watchers at Work and was successful in losing 15 lbs. She also joined the St. Paul Athletic Club and began to work out again. Lori wears a Fitbit that provides a lot of motivation. She takes advantage of the Fitbit challenges, this week doing the “Work Week Hustle.” She has also done the “Weekend Warrior Challenge” and participated in “Goal Day.” She connects with friends through the Fitbit app. They cheer each other on or maybe even taunt each other a little to provide extra motivation.
Lori has appreciated the support she receives through Healthy Saint Paul. Having a Weight Watchers program at work makes it easy to attend; comparing biometrics year to year helps her know how well she is doing; and the 10,000 Steps challenge keeps her moving. She has learned that tracking her eating is so important in eating healthy and staying active is the key to feeling her best.