Luisana S. Mendez Escalante

City of Saint Paul Public Works – Traffic Engineering Division

Tell us about the pillar of wellbeing you are thriving in and what you are doing?

  • My pillars are physical and emotional health.  Anxiety formed as a consequence of COVID 19. I discovered that when I walked outside, my anxiety decreased, so I incorporated outdoor activities to keep myself physically and emotionally healthy, mainly hiking.
  • During 2022, I have had the opportunity to share this activity with my friends, family, and members of the Latino community in MN. I have completed challenges and I created my own Hiking Club as a space to walk and promote physical and emotional health. So far, I have done 58 hikes and have covered about 216.3 miles. I also train at the gym at least 4 times a week.

What do you aspire to improve in your wellbeing over the next year?

  • I want to build up my cardiovascular health and continue hiking more miles than this year.

How has the Healthy Saint Paul program improved your quality of life, worklife balance, or job satisfaction?

  • The program offers information and tools that have motivated me to follow my healthy habits more consciously.