Mayor Carter

Team Saint Paul, I continue to be inspired by all of you every day and I’m thrilled for what lies ahead of us in 2019. Together, we achieved great things in the past year like raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, establishing our Office of Financial Empowerment, tripling our free recreation center programming, and creating an unprecedented $10 million housing trust fund.
The investments we’ve made in our city ensure we are building a Saint Paul that truly works for all of us. We are also creating a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community that can meet our needs today, and positions our city to be a place our children and grandchildren want to live.

Realizing this vision for a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community now and in the future, starts with ensuring we can all lead full, healthy lives.

I was fortunate to grow up in a household where our parents were passionate about health and fitness, and instilled in my sisters and me a holistic perspective on wellness. They encouraged all of us to participate in athletic activities from a very early age. They also instilled in us the idea that health and wellness are not just about physical exercise, or eating your vegetables and getting a good night’s sleep. Healthy living encompasses physical, mental and spiritual wellness. When our body, mind, and soul feels nourished, we can fully realize our potential.
Growing up, I had the opportunity to play tennis, hockey, and run track & field. Running is something I continue to enjoy today. Whether it’s running several miles around my neighborhood, joining one of many local 5K races with my wife, Dr. Sakeena Futrell-Carter, or running with our “We Run Saint Paul” employee group, I find this activity to be one of my favorite ways to stay healthy, and connected with my family, colleagues and our community.

We each have unique health needs and interests, and in this new year, I encourage everyone to find what works for you. What’s most important is that we all engage in nurturing a healthy ecosystem for ourselves, our families, our friends and our entire community. We all play a role in sustaining wellness in our lives, and together, we can truly continue to build Saint Paul into a community that works for all of us. I’m absolutely thrilled to be your teammate in the work ahead and wish you a happy and healthy start to your year.