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My Health Rewards Journeys*– Helping you develop healthy new behaviors

Take a Journey to better health!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, be more active or reduce stress, Journeys are interactive online activities that can help you reach your goals. Each Journey can last 4-6 weeks, depending on your unique path. You pick your Journey topic and as you succeed in completing the steps in your Journey, you’ll unlock small celebrations such as challenges.

Go to your member website,, and click on the Health & Wellness tab to get started. On your My Health Rewards homepage, scroll down to the Find a Journey that’s right for you section and click on the SEE WHAT’S POSSIBLE button. If you have completed your health assessment, the site will identify and recommend Journeys that may be of interest to you. To view all Journeys, scroll through the list of Journeys on the page or sort by topic on the left menu.

You can earn 50 points for every Journey you complete, up to 300 points per year.

View the Journeys video to learn more!

*RedBrick Journeys is a registered trademark owned by RedBrick Health Corporation.