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City employees enrolled in the Medica health insurance plan offered are eligible to participate in the Healthy Saint Paul Well-being Program.  By participating, you can find out healthy you are and receive support in reaching your goals. Also, you can earn a substantial deposit into your into your HRA/VEBA account at 121 Benefit. This money can be used for co-pays, deductibles, prescriptions and other medical expenses.

Starting January 2022, earn a total of 3,500 points to qualify for your full $900 HRA contribution. Just 1,500 points needed for a $300 HRA contribution. And, earn up to $220 in Medica Incentives along the way!

Whether you are a returning or new participant, you must create an account before you can log in.

My Health Rewards by Medica is now powered by Virgin Pulse, a pioneer in digital health and wellness solutions that help you build healthy habits and live your best life. Whether you want to eat healthier, sleep more, stress less or get fit, My Health Rewards is an online tool that helps you take small steps to reach your health goals.

In addition to the well-being program, Healthy Saint Paul supports you throughout the year by offering a variety of exercise classes, challenges and promotions.

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Earn rewards for healthy behavior.  Rewards encourage and motivate you to complete healthy programs and activities. Redeem points for e-gift cards, or shop for health and fitness products in the Virgin Pulse store. You can even donate your rewards to a charitable cause.

Better health, one step at a time

Omada is personalized to help you reach your health goals—whether that’s losing weight, gaining energy, or improving your overall health. All at no cost to you.


Preventative care, it makes a difference!

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What is Healthy St. Paul?

Learn about the great benefits that Healthy St. Paul has to offer.

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Where to record my COVID-19 vaccination to earn points?

  1.  Go to the Benefits page
  2.  View All
  3.  Scroll to COVID-19 Vaccine program
  4.  Click on Start Now
  5.  Report that you have completed all the recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses to earn your points.


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