Peter Borgen


Peter Borgen began working for the City of St. Paul Libraries 17 years ago and, over that time, has worked at many different branches. As a Library Associate, he is a “Jack of all Trades” in that his work encompasses services to patrons of all ages. He does programming for kids, teens, and adults, supervises the homework center at Dayton’s Bluff, provides outreach to parents at Early Childhood Family Education groups, education for daycare providers about early literacy, provides technology help for library patrons, and, of course, performs “other duties as assigned.”

Peter has always been active for the sheer enjoyment. He participated in competitive sports during high school such as cross country, soccer and swimming. He confesses he was never in jeopardy of winning – he simply enjoyed the activities and the social aspect of it all. In college, he joined the swim team for 1.5 years but decided he was more interested in education than in competition. He continued exercising and being active on his own throughout college and ever since.

Peter has been married five years and has a four year old son. With demands of job and family, he finds he is naturally a little less active than before. However, he does call biking and skiing his obsessions; obsessions in that he has such a true passion for the activities. He enjoys them as often as possible. He has found the best way to indulge this passion is to include his family. This allows him to enjoy his exercise habits without having to choose between them and time with his family. His family bike around the neighborhood together a few times per week. He stops the rides short of when his son wants to quit; he prefers to leave him wanting more than wishing they would stop. Peter further indulges his desire for biking every summer by participating in the Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. This ride covers 400 miles over the course of a week. This year he rode the St. Paul Classic Bike tour and loved it.

His other activity passion is Telemark Skiing. It is essentially downhill skiing but uses a different type ski – sort of a cross between a downhill ski and a cross country ski. It has a different style of turning, and he describes it as more versatile, more graceful and a more challenging way to ski. His family also participates in skiing. He jokingly states that his wife made him wait until his son was two years old to have him start. Two years later now, his son loves it. Last year, Peter became a member of the National Ski Patrol at Afton Alps.
Running is not so much of a passion of his, but it seems to be a challenge from which he continues to receive satisfaction. He ran his first marathon as a lark in college but blew out his knee at 22.5 miles. This was so frustrating that he vowed he would finish a marathon before he turned 30. He did complete his first Twin Cities Marathon at age 29 and almost as an aside, he mentioned since then, he has run and finished it eight times.

Peter believes in not over-training and recommends finding activities that you enjoy doing. He enjoys showing his son how to be active and encourages him by doing it with him, side by side.