Phone Coaching

Phone coaching is available through Medica

Many topics are available from which to choose. If you would like coaching on a topic that is not listed below, select one of the topics offered and then work with the coach to tailor for your needs.

Click on “Learn More” from your My Health Rewards homepage under the “Find a coaching partner that’s right for you.”

Click on “scheduling an appointment

Next locate the coaching topic you are most interested in talking with a Coach about. You can sort by the various topics on the left hand side.

Then Choose a Date. Select one that is available.

Next Choose a Time, that works with your schedule. Please remember you’ve committed to this appointment date/time.

Confirm all of the details, and make sure there is a phone number in the Preferred Phone number area. You can update your preferred phone number in your profile. Or select other and enter a different phone number for them to reach you at.