Ramsey Coronado

Ramsey Coronado has worked for the City as a Water Utility Technician for three years. He is originally from Houston, Texas and attended college in Tucson, Arizona. He is often asked what brought him from two of the warmest places in the country to one of the coldest. Primarily, his decision to move here was because of the opportunity to work with the Water Department. He admits, however, it was also based on the experience he had doing internships here in Minnesota on the Mississippi River during the summer months. The winter is somewhat longer, and it does get a bit colder here than he expected! Nevertheless, he finds his job very rewarding working with the engineers and other contractors as they improve water services for the community.

Last year, to complete the activity requirement for Healthy Saint Paul, Ramsey chose Health Coaching. He had had prior experience using a fitness coach at his gym. It was helpful for him then to have someone provide guidance and motivation. He consequently saw the value in choosing Health Coaching to achieve and maintain his better overall health.

Ramsey appreciated the HealthPartners Health Coach with whom he worked. She was knowledgeable in various aspects of health and provided relevant information and resources. There is accountability when using a health coach which Ramsey feels is important in following through with what you say you are going to do to reach your goal. They talked about what motivated him, and he received great feedback. He said talking with a professional can give you a better or different approach and will help keep you on track. For employees who have never used a health coach and may feel unsure of the process, he would reassure them that it is a valuable tool to improving and maintaining your health. And, who doesn’t want to be healthy?