Rose Duffey

Office of the City Attorney

Tell us about the pillar of wellbeing you are thriving in
and what you are doing
Music is very healing for people. I play the saxophone in a band, and I look forward to seeing the crowd dancing, singing along, or just sitting back and enjoying the music. I bring people together at our gigs through Facebook invitations. It’s rewarding to see mutual friends getting to know each other through our music. I also get exercise as a musician since I move around a lot on stage.

What do you aspire to improve in your wellbeing over the next year
I published my new children’s book and song early this year. I was a motivational speaker for 7 years at a local high school. In May of 2022, I visited a grade school and read my book to the Kindergartners through second grade students. I taught the kids my original song and it was a lot of  fun and very rewarding to know that I am making a difference in their young lives. I want to visit more schools in 2023 in order to motivate and inspire even more young kids.

What you have done to improve your wellbeing in the last year?
As I get older, I’m more aware of the importance of getting outside for exercise and enjoying the fresh air. It helps to clear my mind as well and it helps me to feel grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with, including the beauty of nature.

I have also made up my mind to eat foods that are healthy versus foods that are not good for me. I’ve also been drinking a lot more water.

How has the Healthy Saint Paul
program improved your quality of life, work life balance, or job satisfaction?
I love reading the healthy habits included in Virgin Pulse. The tips have motivated me to eat healthy foods , get up and move, and they help me as a mom of 3 adult children. The tips apply to them as well!

Thank you for sharing Rose!