Summer Survival

Summer can be cold, hot, buggy, stormy, AND a lot of fun! It’s a good idea to be prepared for most situations and create a summer survival kit for your vehicle to protect yourself and your family. Whether it’s a cross-country vacation or a day at the beach, have items handy for your personal needs wherever you travel. These ideas are just a few to get your summer survival kit started


  • Plan ahead for vehicle service for brakes,fluids, belts, hoses, and oil.
  • Check tire condition and pressure. Have a tire pressure gauge, a working spare tire,and a jack.
  • Keep a car emergency kit that includes a flashlight, fresh batteries, first-aid supplies, drinking water, non-perishable snacks, car battery jumper cables, emergency flares or reflectors, rain poncho, basic tool kit, duct tape, gloves,and rags or paper towels.
  • Don’t rely on GPS alone. Have a map or print out the destination directions in case cellular coverage is spotty.
  • Stay gassed up. Always fill up —even if you have half a tank.
  • Consider purchasing a roadside assistance membership.


  • Medications for pain, nausea, and easing itching discomfort.
  • Snacks that can handle the heat.
    Chargers for all electronics. Include as solar-powered charger.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.
  • Bug spray and repellent.
  • Umbrella for rain or shade.
  • Soft-sided insulated bag to hold frozen or refrigerated items, or for anything you want to keep from getting too hot.
  • Large beach bag or clothes basket to store and carry all of your summer survival kit items in your car.


  • Water bottles for everyone that can easily be refilled.
  • Folding camp chairs for outdoor events or gatherings.
  • A beach towel or blanket for cooler days,sitting on the beach or grass, or covering your car seats when you have a wet dog or kids.
  • Tissues – especially if you have allergies.
  • Wet wipes to clean up dirty fingers and messes.
  • Hand sanitizer. The pumps fit nicely in each door pocket or cup holders.
  • Reuse grocery bags or add a small garbage bin to your back seat for collecting trash in your car.

45% of Americans take a summer vacation. They average 568 roundtrip miles. 657 million trips are taken between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.