Tom Green

If the last time you saw Tom Green was 3 years ago, today you probably wouldn’t recognize him. At that time, Tom tipped the scale at 255 lbs. Today, he is maintaining a lean and fit 175 lbs.!

Tom has worked for the City for 13.5 years and is currently a fire equipment operator. He has two daughters that keep him quite busy and active.
It was a few years ago when Tom decided he needed to make a change. He wanted to feel healthier and make sure he would be able to stay active for his children. While he had always been active with participating in cross country skiing, racquetball and mountain biking, over the years, his diet had done a slow creep up to the 255 lbs. He knew it wasn’t so much his activity level as the amount and type of foods he had been eating that had to change.

Tom took on that task on his own, creating a diet that included healthier foods and eliminating more of the unhealthy ones. He confesses to having had a really big sweet tooth. He just couldn’t resist those treats. After six months of cutting out the treats, he realized though that the strong craving he had for them in the past wasn’t there. Plus, he had dropped down to 215 lbs.

This motivated him to keep going down to his ideal weight of 175 lbs. He has been able to maintain that weight by monitoring his weight closely – he likes to weigh every day. While he doesn’t have a perfect diet all the time, he balances the bad with the good and doesn’t really restrict his eating habits too much. Tom has made a lifestyle change that he feels he will keep forever.