Worksite Biometric Screening: FAQ


Q: Who’s eligible?
A: City of Saint Paul employees enrolled with HealthPartners insurance.

Biometric screenings

Q: What is a biometric screening?
A: A biometric screening is a way to measure certain health factors. These factors can help identify risk for diseases or conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes.
What tests will be done during my screening?
A: Body mass index (BMI), a measure of height, weight and waist circumference; blood pressure; cholesterol; and blood sugar.

Q: How do I prepare for my screening?
A: You may eat normally on the day of your screening. Don’t fast before your appointment. Drink two to three glasses of water before your appointment to make sure you’re well hydrated.

Q: What can I expect during my appointment?
A: Certified health professionals will collect several measurements. They will collect a blood sample from a finger stick that will be used to determine your cholesterol and glucose levels. They will also take blood pressure and measurements of height and weight. All information is kept confidential and complies with the requirements of HIPAA.

Q: How long will my health screening take?
A: The screening process usually takes 15-20 minutes.

Q: When and how will I get the results of my screening?
A: Your results will be available to you immediately. A health coach will review your results with you privately.

Q: Why are these screenings being offered and what’s the benefit to me?
A: Healthy Saint Paul has made a commitment to creating a culture of health for our employees. Offering health screenings can provide you with important information about your health. Most of the risk factors identified through screenings have no symptoms, so participating in this event can help identify risk factors for chronic illness. Or, you can simply confirm your health status and gain peace of mind.

Q: Do I have to participate?
A: No. Participation is completely voluntary. However, if you don’t participate in a biometric screening at work or through your own physician, you won’t be eligible for the incentive in 2018.

Q: Does this health screening replace visits to my doctor?
A: No. Health screenings don’t replace a complete preventive exam with a doctor. It’s meant to alert you to potential risk factors. You’re encouraged to follow up with your doctor or other health care professional for more information.

Q: Do the results from the health screening get communicated to my doctor or go into my medical record kept at my clinic?
A: No. Due to privacy laws we are not able to share the results of the screening with your doctor or clinic. You are encouraged to share the results with your doctor – especially if your results on any of the measures are out of normal range.

Q: What if I don’t have a computer to sign up?
A: Call 800-711-8656 to schedule an appointment.

Q: Why do I need to schedule an appointment?
A: It’s important to schedule your appointment so we can provide enough staff support and supplies, and avoid wait time.

Q: What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
A: Let us know in advance. To reschedule, look at the confirmation email you received from Interactive Health. The link in this email will take you back to the appointment sign-up, where you can cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you don’t have your confirmation email, please call 800-711-8656 to reschedule.

Q: Can I schedule my appointment at any City location?
A: Yes. You may schedule your appointment at any of the locations. Choose the date and time that work best for you.

Q: Can I schedule my appointment during work time?
A: Yes. You can complete your health screening during work time. Please speak with your manager about the best time to participate.


Q: Does my employer receive any information about me or my results?
A: No. Your personal health information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone at the City. The Health Insurance Portability Accountability and Act (HIPAA) rules prohibit anyone at your place of employment from receiving any of your personal health information. Your employer will receive only notice of completion so that it can be counted towards completion of the incentive.