Welcome to Healthy Saint Paul

Healthy Saint Paul is YOUR wellness program. It was established in 2010 with the mission of supporting the physical and mental health of all City of Saint Paul employees. We all know that without our health, nothing else is important. We at Healthy Saint Paul feel the same way and want to do what we can to support you in achieving and maintaining good health so you can live the life you want.

To name just a few of the things we are doing: providing support and motivation by subsidizing enrollment in weight loss programs; providing education/information on ways to be healthier, and sponsoring yoga and Pilates classes. Find out more in “Promotions.”

The Healthy Saint Paul Well-Being Program is now in its third year. You can find out all of the details by clicking on the tabs on the left side of this page.

Mayor Coleman has set a goal to make the City of Saint Paul “the most livable city in America.” We are excited to play a part in reaching that goal! On this website you will find valuable links and information. Come back often to read up on health topics important to you, get details on the Well-Being Program, check your VEBA balance, read about a co-worker’s story or find a fun activity happening in Saint Paul.