I’ve always been involved in some kind of an exercise routine, but it was mostly working out at home with exercise videos. When I decided I wanted and needed a change, I joined a “Curves For Women” program. What attracted me to that particular workout routine was that it involved working out to music, as well as the promise of a 30-minute routine. Get in, do the exercises and get out.
Eleven years later, I’m still going to my workout sessions. This club was recently purchased by an individual who broadened the choices offered within the program, making it more interesting, fun, and much more flexible. The club is open 24/7 which I like a lot! I can go and do my routine whenever I want. Even though “get in, do the exercises and get out” is still sometimes in my mind, I’m really not in such a hurry to leave. My workout can be short or long, strenuous or easy – the choice is up to me. I actually enjoy working out because I know I’m doing something good for me, physically and mentally. Exercising is a great stress reliever, especially after an especially difficult day at work. After my workouts I hula-hoop, which puts a smile on my face (and on some other faces too!!)
Joining a gym or an exercise club may not be for everyone. I know it’s a cliché, but if a person is thinking about making a change to a healthier lifestyle it’s really important to find an activity that is enjoyable and fun. (Yes, working out can be fun!) If the activity isn’t fun, chances are that person won’t stay with the program for a very long time. It’s been said before, but I believe the hardest part of making any change is the first step. After that it does gets easier.
If I don’t get to my club I actually feel the difference in my body and in my mind. Before the end of a work day I can be feeling so tired that just thinking about going to do my routine is kind of depressing! But once I get there I start to feel uplifted. After I’m finished, I feel exhilarated and good about myself. It’s not the answer to all of life’s problems, but it sure doesn’t hurt!