Grief Awareness, Management, and Support

Grief is a natural response to a loss of something or someone you love. Grief comes with the loss of a loved one, pet, friendship, job, dream, or your health. It can also show up with big changes like a move, breakup, divorce, or retirement.

No one tackles grief in a systematic way. Everyone goes through their own grief journey. Managing grief can depend on
many factors from one’s beliefs, background, personality, age, support network, mental health, and physical health.

Understanding grief and how to manage it can help improve your resiliency when going through a tough time and can also help you better support others going through the grieving process.


Each person navigates the stages in their own way. Some people may skip a stage as others get stuck at one stage for an extended period.

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

If you or a loved one are unable to perform daily functions, such as getting out of bed or going to work for more than an occasional day, consider seeking additional professional help.


Be patient and give yourself grace as you go through the grieving process

  • Acknowledge your pain
  • Know your triggers
  • Give yourself permission to feel
  • Understand the process will be unique to you
  • Share your feelings with a therapist or loved one
  • Let your family and friends help you Invest in your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Meditate, pray, or journal
  • Maintain hobbies or find new ones
  • Try for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night
  • Get some physical activity each day
  • Be mindful of your nutrition


Let your loved one know you are there for them. Often family, friends, neighbors, and
coworkers don’t know what to say or they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Try not to let doubts and fears get in the way of reaching out to a grieving loved one. Simply showing up can make a huge difference.

Things to say:

“I’m here if you ever want to talk — now, later, even in the middle of the night. Whatever would help you.”

“I know I can’t possibly know what you’re going through, but I’m here for you. I’ve been thinking about you.”

“I’m checking in because I care about you. I just want to let you know that I’m here.”

“You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.”

Chinese proverb

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