Matt Dornfeld

Meet Matt Dornfeld, case manager for DSI. Matt has worked for the City for 15 years. He has been married to Katie Dornfeld for 7 years and together they have a daughter , Peyton, 4 years old and a son, CJ, aged 2.
Matt’s story: While the level of physical activity Matt engages in may be more than what many City employees may consider, within his story are tips for the average person wanting to make a change to his/her lifestyle.
Matt has been into athletics all his life. In college, he played baseball. After college, however, he was looking for something that would provide some competition and a goal to work towards– as having a goal set out there to reach was always motivating for him. Lucky for him, Matt met his wife who is a teacher at Woodbury High School, a former personal trainer and a marathon runner. Katie suggested he get into running – and so he did. Matt completed his first marathon about 8 years ago. . .and to date, has run 13! What Matt loves best about running is how it helps him mentally. It is a stress reliever and he always feels better after a run. It also is helpful in keeping his weight under control; he enjoys a beer, pizza and cheeseburger on occasion and running balances this out for him.
Signing up for a race is a commitment to him and provides a goal that gets him out there regularly to train. Finishing the race provides a real sense of accomplishment as well. Also, he admits that he isn’t a “great” runner but really enjoys the whole atmosphere of the event. While he has traveled around the country running marathons, he thinks the Twin Cities marathon is his favorite. Great people, great environment and so much support from the spectators on the way.
So, tips for becoming more active from Matt’s story: Move – you will feel better when you are done; set a goal – write it down , tell someone, commit to an event; try something new – Matt hadn’t thought of himself as a runner but found out he really enjoyed it. Remember – it’s all about balance.